When I booked my first ever ticket to Paris, almost 5 years ago, I was obviously as excited with the very charming bistros I would find there as I was with the unsurpassed Louvre, the majestic Champs-Élysées and the unique Eiffel Tower. Actually I had a very important quest: degust Foie Gras for the first time. For reasons that lie in economic and social-democratic issues, by that time this delicacy was very, very, very difficult to find and extremely pricy in Brazil, therefore our meeting had always been postponed.

In Paris, the first restaurant I visited was in Montmartre, just close to the Sacré-Coeur church. The bistro had maybe 20 seats all together, and luckily we managed to have a seat before it was completely full. There was no Foie Gras on the menu, but that was no problem. The place seemed to have emerged from an old movie: very old, small, woody, dusty, baguetty… Just like I always imagined! There was an old lady on the floor (she was very old, believe me), an oppressed servant in the kitchen and a dog at the till. Yes, a dog. And the till was positioned just at the corner, inside the kitchen. Yes, there was a dog at the till, which was in the kitchen. But who cares?! We are in Paris! Who cares that the table is dusty?! We are in Paris! The jug of water is dirty?! So what? We are in Paris, for heaven’s sake! There’s a dog in the restaurant? And? Any problem? Of course not! Even if they served that dog between two slices of baguette, we’d eat it, because we are in Paris, my friend! Woody Allen would agree with me.

The truth is that the meal was amazing. I had terrine as starter, and Beef Bourguinon as main. My lovely girlfriend had the best courgette Lasagne of her life, according to her.

At this point I have to mention that before we travelled I had bought a diamond ring to my girlfriend (the diamond was the size of an ant’s ear, but it was still a diamond), as I planned to ask her in marriage in Paris, which is a very original idea, I know.

So, at the big night, we set out to Champs-Élysées and at some point we decided that we were going to have our meal there. We chose our restaurant and we were sat on a very nice and comfort table, just next to a couple of lesbians who had a dog dining with them. Very cute indeed.

I had a look at the menu and soon I found what I had always looked for: there, at the bottom of the starter list, shining like a star, He, the Almighty, was waiting for me: Foie Gras with bla bla bla bla, and bla bla bla. That’s it! That’s why I am here! That’s why I was born! Bring it on!

So the order was placed, and there we rested for a while. I was so nervous that I almost forgot I had a diamond ring in my pocket. Anyway, after fifteen French minutes, I saw the waiter coming. He looked like an angel flying around with a golden tray full of holy food for the sinners. He placed the small plate on the table, and it took me a couple of seconds to see what was on it, because my eyes were full of tears. Finally I could see it, and it was so beautiful that I nearly fainted. A small slice of goose fat liver, flat, white and delicate, lying just in front of me defenceless, just waiting to be glorified. At first I didn’t know how to react, how to behave in front of it. Shall I use a knife, spread it over the toast? Shall I try it plain in order to feel its virtue without any external intervention? Actually my first will was to kiss it, but I sensibly realized that this could cause some bad judgements from the people around, so I just stared at it for a while, and in a brisk and passionate movement I placed it right on the centre of my mouth, where it comfortably rested on my tongue. Oh, boy, that was something. The flavour quickly spread all over my mouth, triggering frenetic spasms throughout my body. It was delicious, absolutely delicious. It was worth every single second of my errant life that I spent waiting for that moment. A great experience indeed.

I think I’ve already come too far in this story, and before you decide to leave this post, I must say that that night was one of the happiest nights of my life. Not because of the Foie Gras, but because the love of my life said “yes” to me.


2 thoughts on “Paris

  1. OK guys! Post about France, I couldn’t let that go!
    No, seriously: you rock! you write really well ! I could almost taste the softness of a good foie gras with caramelised onions on my mouth. Well done.
    I am actually preparing my next post on food, and there’s gonna be some frog legs!

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