Before moving to Europe, the idea of having bacon and eggs for breakfast was as clear to me as a piece of charcoal. During my childhood – the 80’s – this kind of thing was just available in my imaginary through American movies with those happy and muscled teenagers eating that greasy and shiny breakfast before heading for school where they probably would spank come nerd and seduce the princess of the ball.

When I was 14 I finally travelled to U.S. to meet Mickey and company, and then I thought: “Wow, that’s my chance to try that monster food”, but the agent who had organized the trip came to us in the first day with a smile the size of her sympathy and decreed: “in order that you kids feel as though you were at home, we have agreed with the hotel that they will serve Brazilian-like breakfast for us during our stay”. Excuse me? “Feel as though we were at home”? I come all the way to Florida and this woman-like creature wants me to feel as though I was at home? No, darling… Every day I feel as though I was at home because I AM actually every day at home and the purpose of travelling is not to feel as though I was at the same place I am EVERY DAY! Whatever…

Now that I am quite adapted to the life in the northern hemisphere, I have to say that by combining the flavours of a soft and creamy egg yolk, a very crispy slice of bacon and a piece of toast slightly inundated with butter one can reach the true holy trinity. Amongst all the possible combinations of flavours that Mother Nature generously provides to us, I believe that this one is a special one. This morning I had the opportunity to experience this blessing and I want to share this moment with you. Oh, I sometimes also include some beans just for the craic.



3 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. Thanks for this post on the mysteries of the “Full English” breakfast…have you observed any rituals around its consumption? In any hotels? I guess you need to stay in the smaller guest houses and non-corporate hotels but there are pleasing eccentricities about these rituals in small hotels – lots of conversations about rain and so on…

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